Insiox partners with OutThink to introduce the world’s first cybersecurity human risk management solution and further expand OutThink’s reach in the African market.

London/Cape Town – March 24, 2022 – OutThink, a global leader in SaaS for cybersecurity human risk management, has announced a partnership with Insiox, a South African cyber security consulting and managed services provider.   

Governments and enterprises have started acknowledging that they need to quickly turn their weakest links in the cybersecurity chain, humans, into their strongest defence. And that would require targeted and consistent training, testing and measuring so employees can identify, detect and respond appropriately to cyber threats.

OutThink’s platform is the highest-rated security awareness solution on Gartner Peer Insights given its uniqueness and innovative approach in providing a fun, gamified and real-time learning experience, that improves both knowledge and engagement of users. The targeted learning dynamically adjusts to the audience, depending on risk profile, security attitudes and behaviours, which leads to the emergence of productivity and drives efficiency.

Nick Osborne, Director at Insiox Digital Risk: “Cybersecurity risk from human error, negligence and insider threats is a significant concern and an ever-increasing risk in our region. We are therefore extremely excited to offer our clients access to OutThink, an innovative security awareness training solution that is highly interactive, relevant, customizable and highly effective in managing human risk. Their modern platform is disrupting the market through a unique and unparalleled solution that not only provides security awareness through training but also takes into account varying sentiments, attitudes, cultural and working practices to have maximum impact in driving behavioural & cultural change to effectively manage human risk.

Insiox, which specialises in bringing next-generation cyber security solutions to their clients, will be acting as an approved OutThink reseller and managed service provider for the Southern and East Africa markets. We are very pleased to add OutThink to our solution portfolio.“

Mario Basson, Director at Insiox Digital Risk: “To combat the risk of cyber compromise, organisations require effective defences across all aspects of the people, process and technology value chain. While technology is “mostly” predictable, people certainly are not. Organisation’s staff, whether intentionally or through their own carelessness or lack of knowledge, are putting the businesses that they work for at risk – the more employees you have, the harder it becomes to manage the human risk. Because people are complex individuals, and their behaviour unpredictable, it is no longer sufficient to rely on traditional security awareness training to mitigate cyber security risk.

For this reason, we are excited about partnering with OutThink to bring an innovative solution that allows our clients to identify, understand and proactively target their responses to the human aspect of their cyber risk challenges.”

Flavius Plesu, Founder & CEO at OutThink: “As a former CISO, I believe that security awareness must align employee behaviour with the business and security goals of the organisation. We provide clients with a next-generation human risk management platform to effectively activate people as human sensors for cybersecurity and empower them to become the strongest defense mechanism in the fight against cybercrime. To be successful in any market, it is key to align with local specialist partners who understand both our technology and also the local customer needs.

We are delighted to be partnering with Insiox who will further extend our reach into the Southern and East Africa markets.”

OutThink is currently adopted by some of the world’s largest firms and is rapidly expanding its client base, entirely through its channel partners.

About OutThink

OutThink brings the world’s first cybersecurity human risk management platform (SaaS).

An innovative, disruptive solution, OutThink is the evolution of traditional security awareness training. Used by large, complex organisations (incl. FTSE 100) around the world, the OutThink SaaS platform has been developed specifically to identify, understand and manage human risk.

OutThink was built by a team of visionary CISOs and researchers, for security professionals who are looking to build more sustainable security and make people their strongest defense mechanism.

Headquartered in the City of London with development in the UK, Spain, Greece and Romania, we have a global client base all of whom are served locally from offices located in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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About Insiox

Insiox is a company based in Cape Town, South Africa, offering digital risk solutions that enable clients to effectively identify, understand and manage their risks holistically. From forensic to IT, legal to cyber, our diverse skills assist organisations to solve complex problems, using innovation, insights, intelligence, technology, and experience. 

Our unique combination of cyber products and services bring value to our clients through near real-time predictive analytics that enables our clients to respond to their digital risks effectively and timeously.

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