We have over 100 years of collective forensic experience across the full spectrum of forensic services. From Whistleblowing to investigations, we provide a range of prevention, detection and response solutions.


Whistleblowing remains the best mechanism to detect and prevent ethical breaches and misconduct in organisations globally.
We believe whistleblowing can be done better for both our clients and whistleblowers.

Our social media reporting channels, our competitive pricing, online awareness campaigns and report quality differentiate us from our competition.

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Anti-Bribery and Corruption (“ABC”)

A successful ABC framework not only protects organisations, but ensures compliance with FCPA and UK Bribery Act requirements. Our approach to ABC and third party risk extends to third party risk management, ongoing and automated risk monitoring, and augmenting the organisational risk knowledge base.

Speak to us about:

  • ABC risk assessment
  • ABC policy framework and training
  • FCPA due diligence reviews and investigations
  • Third party risk monitoring

Digital Forensics

The collection of electronically stored information (“ESI”) is often the first step in a forensic investigation or eDiscovery process. Once the data sources are identified and secured, forensic imaging of electronic devices such as computers, laptops, servers, mobile devices and other computer equipment (e.g. printers) can take place.

Speak to us about:

  • Collections that are performed in a competent and forensically sound manner (including chain of evidence documentation)
  • Data recovery

Financial Crime

The impact of a comprehensive AML/CFT programme is more than just protecting businesses and their clients against money laundering and terrorist financing.

We believe that an AML/CFT programme which is implemented thoughtfully, using appropriate technology, tested with ongoing reviews and improved with customer centric remediation efforts, will help businesses grow and build trust.

Speak to us about:

  • File reviews
  • Assessment of AML/CFT functions
  • Remediation
  • Onboarding & due diligence

Fraud Risk

In order to protect against fraud risks, a thorough understanding of the risk landscape for your industry and geography, as well as the controls and processes required to be in place, are as important as ensuring those controls are practical and effective.

An understanding of your current fraud risk management capability forms the basis for the implementation of a comprehensive fraud risk management solution, which combines activities, skill sets and tools.

Speak to us about the following fraud risk management services:

  • Fraud risk identification and maturity assessments
  • Fraud risk control recommendations
  • Fraud awareness surveys
  • Awareness and Training


The ability to respond to incidents with agility are key to successful investigations..

We have access to a range of experienced forensic investigators and accountants. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly match experience and expertise to your specific needs. Our investigations capability has experience across the African continent and are ready and available to travel as required.

Speak to us about:

  • End-to-end investigations
  • Cyber forensic investigations
  • Forensic accounting / audit
  • Litigation support including expert testimony
  • Staff secondments