Leveraging both internal and external data, we are able to provide unique insights to our clients. From corporate intelligence to analytics as a service, we can help.

Controls Automation & Monitoring

We assist clients in maturing their risk and control management processes by evolving from a point in time reactive model to more real time continuous monitoring techniques. Using our data streaming platform we have the ability to monitor the effectiveness of controls within the following domains:

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Security Configuration
  • IT Risk Assessment

Risk Solutions

We can provide bespoke risk tools and solutions through our partner and alliance vendor agreements. These include:

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • ISO Management Systems
  • Assurance Automation
  • Call Centre Automation
  • Security Incident & Event Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Scanners

Business Intelligence

We are able to obtain and provide business intelligence and useful background information on both individuals and corporate entities. This includes access to the latest Sanctions, PEP and PIP lists. Combined with our adverse media screening engine there are multiple use cases that we support from Investigations to Financial Crime remediation projects.

Adverse media screening

We are able to provide stand-alone adverse media screening with a full audit trail and URL to the respective media site.

Supplier and Third Party Risk Management

Both from a general risk management and an ABC perspective we recognise the need to continually manage third party risks. With our interactive dashboard we will help your organization assign a risk rating to third parties. We are able to perform adverse media checks across a third party list and update your risk scoring as appropriate. Any unreported changes to the supplier data can also be identified and managed into the risk scoring model as defined.

Conflict of Interest Management

By combining your employee and supplier data and leveraging our toolset we help to identify possible conflicts of interest in your organization.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

We offer an in depth report based EDD capability to provide you with the necessary intelligence on corporate customers which also satisfies the regulator’s requirements.

Transactional Analysis

Graph technology enables us to distill patterns within transactions, enabling the identification of various types of illicit flows of funds, collusion and bribery. This approach can also be used in risk rating transactions as part of a risk based approach to combating Financial Crime.

Asset Intelligence

Complex (cross border) entity structures often mystify ultimate ownership of assets. Utilising our graph technology we are able to efficiently trace hidden assets.