We have a team of e-discovery experts to support your investigation and litigation teams. As an experienced document review team we can help you navigate e-discovery at scale, leveraging technology and tried and tested methodologies to quickly and cost effectively identify relevant documents for your case. Using early case assessment tools we are able to guide you in defining search criteria which are integrated into a review manual used to train the review team.

What we do

Data Collection


Early Case

Level 1 and
Level 2 Reviews

Quality Assurance
and Supervision

Real-time Feedback
and Monitoring


We are technology agnostic and can handle reviews in your preferred platform. Alternatively allow us to advise on appropriate technology and solutions to help you deliver the results you require.


The review team consists of qualified and admitted attorneys with business level English skills, thereby reducing language and interpretation issues. All members of the review team are trained in the use of review tools and the review process. Team size can be scaled depending on client timelines and size of the review data set.

The review team is supported by a team of project management and forensic specialists who follow an iterative process to ensure alignment between the client, their legal team’s requirements and the review output.

The review team is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, which offers favourable time zone differences for clients situated in Europe, and compatibility with clients based in the Americas and central Asia.


The review output is designed to respond to the client and their legal team’s requirements. We work closely with the legal team to align our deliverable to the requirements of the matter.

The review output can be interrogated and will be supported and easily cross-referenced to Relevant documentation making Case Management simple and searchable.