We will deliver valuable intelligence for your organisation in detecting Financial Crime and having a better understanding of the potential threat actors as they are identified.


Whistleblowing remains the best mechanism to detect ethical breaches and misconduct in organisations globally and we believe whistleblowing can be done better for both the client and the whistleblower. 

Our driving force is to empower people to do the right thing and our service is designed to support the needs and challenges faced by individuals and organizations striving to create more ethical workplaces.

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Gain insights

Our technology will enable you to monitor the effectiveness of your whistleblowing line while gaining insights into industry and geographic trends. Using push notifications you will also be able to drive effective awareness campaigns to encourage responsible use of the facility.

Multi-channel secure and encrypted communication will let whistle-blowers engage with us by calls, emails, WhatsApp or directly through the mobile application, while guaranteeing anonymity and