A surprisingly large number of executives and their assistants fall victim to phishing e-mails phishing e-mails, indicating that the human element of cyber risk has to be addressed at every level of the organisation. 

This is according to Nick Osborne and Mario Basson, Directors at Insiox Digital Risk, a consultancy specialising in targeting the human aspect of cyber risk and a sponsor of the recent ITWeb Security Summit.

Insiox, launched 18 months ago, focuses primarily on the human element because over 90% of breaches and data losses occur as a result of human error or lack of security awareness, says Basson. Basson and Osborne, with decades of experience working in a big four audit firm, are now focused on delivering targeted, agile and digitally driven solutions that assist clients to proactively identify, understand and manage their cyber risks.

Insiox is a South African partner of OutThink, a leading global player in cyber security human risk management. The OutThink platform, adopted by organisations around the world, quantifies human risk by analysing employees’ security attitudes, awareness and knowledge.